All Revolutionary Ideas Started with Two Questions What If We? and Why Haven’t We?

What if we engineered a constant force spring to provide electrical continuity and grounding, with 360° constant-force contact to the cable?

It would revolutionize cable connectors.

Why haven’t we manufactured cable glands from high performance polymers that are designed to meet or exceed the most extreme environmental and industrial demands?

Because no one’s thought to do it.

Allen Gibson, CAPE Industries CEO, recognized an industry-changing opportunity when he discovered the possibilities of combining advanced polymers with manufacturing technology to embed a constant force spring in industrial cable glands.

This next-generation materials science, along with innovative design, delivers the highest levels of performance for cable glands in the most extreme environments. This is a first-of-its-kind performance level for non-metallic cable glands, and the world’s first non-metallic cable gland to be suitable for use with armored cable types. With advanced polymers that are used commonly in aerospace, military and oilfield operations, it offers protection again corrosion, UV, impact, water, dust and potentially explosive gases. It performs like premium stainless steel cable glands, without the premium price.

We See an Opportunity for a Revolutionary Solution

CAPE’s team sees this as an opportunity to deliver a revolutionary solution that is focused on delivering unprecedented value to the entire supply chain, from onsite installation contractors and maintenance teams to EPC designers, procurement, wholesale electrical distributors and project owners.

Gibson recruited top consultants, electrical engineers and global business developers to create what would become CAPE Industries’ advisory board. Together, they researched, tested and patented CAPE’s proprietary technology that introduced the world’s first non-metallic cable glands for use with both armored and non-armored cable types. Our cable glands replace metallic cable glands with advanced polymers & patented innovations, reducing costs, installation time, and weight without sacrificing durability and performance of metal.

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