The Cable and Pipe Entry Revolution is Here

Connecting and Protecting People, Equipment and OperationsTM

The most user-friendly, cost-effective, high-performance cable and pipe entry (CAPE) systems in the industrial world.

Connect, Transition and Seal Your Project’s Cables and Pipes—Simply and Confidently

  • Simplify project designs, product specifications, procurement and installations
  • Replace stainless steel, brass, aluminum and traditional metal components with CAPE’s “one-and-done” proprietary materials
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA, patented internationally

Better Protection for People, Equipment and Operations Begins and Ends with CAPE

A portfolio of patented products that replace metals with high-tech polymers proven to perform and protect in the world’s most demanding industrial applications.

Cable Glands

Secure, connect and retain cables with CAPE cable glands where cables connect to enclosures or equipment.

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Multi-Cable Transits

Use CAPE’s multi-cable transits at every wall, floor, bulkhead or deck where multiple cables pass through and when your people, equipment and operations need protection against water, dust, rodents, fire, smoke and other hazards.

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Round Transits (RT)

Install the simple, fast CAPE round transits where single cables, pipes and tubing pass through conduit banks, core-drilled holes or other round openings for a cost-effective, pro-grade solution to prevent water, dust, rodents, fire and smoke from entering structures and equipment.

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“CAPE protects life along the line, safeguarding people, equipment and operations with its high-performance designs and high-tech materials.”

Designed and Manufactured to Deliver High-Performance and Lower Costs in the World’s Most Extreme Environments

  • Arctic and high-temperatures of offshore and onshore oil, gas and chemical projects
  • Hazardous locations*
  • Critical infrastructure, including:
    • Security and high cable density requirements of high-tech data and communication centers
    • Corrosion resistant requirements of water treatment facilities
    • Rodent prevention and reliability demands for power generation and distribution
  • Cost-effective and simple installation demands of transportation including trackside rail, tunnels, rolling stock
  • Adaptability requirements of military applications
  • Dust, dirt and harsh conditions of mining

What’s your project’s biggest cable and pipe penetration and connection challenges?

Solve Them with CAPE

The Time for a Better
Connection is Now

An Extreme Idea Simplifies Complex Power, Communication, Control and Signal Connections

Spacecraft, medical implants, automobiles and industrial bearings are made from polymers. Now, it’s time to bring the benefits of lower costs, lighter weight and simplicity to industrial cable glands and transits.

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*Pending Certification from the most recognizable third party global certification organizations for heavy industrial electric connections.

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