CAPE Industries joins industry leaders to support IEEE IAS PCIC Fund

CapeIndustries News

As you may know, the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee’s (PCIC) official mission is:

“To provide an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology relating to the petroleum and chemical industry, to sponsor appropriate IEEE Standards activity for that industry, and to provide opportunity for professional development”.

Many of our dedicated volunteers and organizations like yours contribute their time and talent and treasure to our industry, as well as our more immediate communities. 

Historically, and still today, the limited operating expenses of the IEEE/IAS-PCIC are tied to our current PCIC Conference accounts. The purpose of this is to go beyond any given conference and solicit your support for the creation of the “PCIC Foundation Fund.”

At the recent IEEE/IAS board meeting, we received the support to develop a “PCIC Foundation Fund” to advance projects and activities for humanitarian activities, advancement and promotion of PCIC-sponsored IEEE international standards, as well as educational activities and awards. In addition, the “PCIC Foundation Fund” could be used for research efforts, travel grants and scholarships to increase our visibility and outreach.

For a nominal pledge of $5,000 USD, companies, organizations, and individuals will be recognized as prospective “Founders” of the “PCIC Foundation Fund.” This pledge of faith in the IEEE/IAS-PCIC will be recognized in perpetuity, but not until the fund is formally approved by the IEEE Foundation and the 501(c3) account is established would there be any invoices to collect your pledge(s); hopefully prior to September 2018.

Yes, the PCIC Foundation Fund is about raising money to advance the IEEE/IAS-PCIC mission and support our members’ projects and activities around the world. But the relatively small pledge amount is intended to present a greater number of “Founders” that support this effort rather than simply present a big fund balance to the IEEE Foundation.

Thanks for your consideration to commit a pledge to this effort. For additional information, please let us know as we’d be happy to provide details to encourage your support and your commitment for a $5,000 USD pledge from you and your organization.