Melissa Ver Meer Named Advisor to CAPE Industries

CapeIndustries News

Melissa Ver Meer has been named the first Chief Technology Advisor (CTA) for CAPE Industries, Allen Gibson, CAPE CEO and founder announced.

Ver Meer is a strategic and technical leader with more than 20 years experience in advanced materials and manufacturing at enterprise levels. In particular, she spent the past eight years with Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technology’s Kansas City National Security Campus.

“Melissa’s impressive background and technical acumen will be key to guiding CAPE forward,” Gibson says. “She has directed significant manufacturing teams and has high-level academic and professional experience in polymer engineering. These skills will prove invaluable as CAPE continues its global foray and ongoing product innovations. We expect she will be instrumental in our push to additional products.”

Ver Meer earned her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State and holds six patents.

CAPE has developed patented technology that features a polymer cable gland used to connect armored cables to junction boxes and other electrical, control and automation enclosures in the heavy industrial construction industries.

Cable glands are most commonly made from a metallic base, are expensive and heavy. CAPE’s glands are made from advanced polymers designed to withstand extreme climates and conditions. The price to market is roughly one-third lower than that of its equivalent metallic counterparts and one-half the weight.

In addition to Gibson, CAPE boasts an international team of advisors in the engineering, electrical and energy industries.