Solomon Whitaker Driving Product Design, Technical Support

CapeIndustries News

Kansas City, MO – CAPE Industries’ Solomon Whitaker, Product Designer and Technical Support, has been cited for his contributions to the company’s growth and continued innovation.

Allen Gibson, CAPE CEO and Founder:  “Solomon has proven his determination through constant adaptation and growth,” says Gibson. “Even from his first days as an intern, in March 2020, his hard work has taken him to new heights. Solomon embodies CAPE’s core values of “IRR” – Initiative, Respect and Responsibility in his daily work.”

Whitaker graduated University of Missouri, Kansas City, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and received the Chancellor’s Scholar Award. In August of 2020, Whitaker earned his Solidworks Mechanical Design certification at the Associate level. Along with being a key asset to CAPE, Whitaker is adept in multiple software programs, and is an artist and adept at graphic design.

“With a background in Component Design, Computer Aided Engineering and Engineering Materials, Solomon has the valuable skills necessary to thrive in this new role,” Gibson says. “At CAPE, we’re constantly asking, ‘what if we’ and ‘why haven’t we,’ and Solomon helps us advance that vision. We’re confident he will continue to cultivate innovation and successful product designs for the company.”

CAPE has developed patented technology that features a polymer cable gland used to connect armored cables to junction boxes and other electrical, control and automation enclosures in the heavy construction industries.

Cable glands are most commonly made from a metal, are expensive and heavy. CAPE’s glands are made from advanced polymers designed to withstand extreme climates and conditions. The price to market is roughly one-third lower than that of its equivalent metal counterparts and one-half the weight.

In addition to Gibson and Whitaker, CAPE boasts an international team of advisors in the engineering, electrical and energy industries.